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The 2006 ITULLIAN'S - Jethro Tull Convention

Guests were,
Ian Anderson.    Glenn Cornick    Clive Bunker    Dave Pegg.
Wild Turkey.   Andrea Griminelli.    Lincoln & Giacomo Lelli    Beggar's Farm. & Tinkara

WILD TURKEY (incl. Glenn Cornick + Clive Bunker)

One sole surviver
Soldier Boy
Catalan Lullaby
See you next Tuesday
Snakewalk (incl. Glenn's Bass-Solo)
Tomorrow's Friend
St. Catherine's Bells
(Butterfly --> on List but not played)
You & me in the jungle (featuring Jungle Dreams)(incl. Clive's Drum-Solo)
The Street
Northern Lights (featuring Ian Anderson on flute)
Good old days
(ENCORE(on list but not played): Sentinel ; Gunslinger)


Dark Ages
Sweet Dream
Back Door Angels
Rover ( Silvia on vocals)
Seal Driver (with DAVE PEGG)
Level Pegging (with DAVE PEGG + I.A.)
Peggy's Pub (with DAVE PEGG + I.A.)
Swirling Pit (new arrangement) ( with DAVE PEGG + I.A.)
Jack Frost and the hooded crow ( with DAVE PEGG + I.A.)
For a thousand mothers (with G.Cornick & C.Bunker)
Nothing is easy (with G.Cornick & C.Bunker)
Budapest (with C.Bunker , Lincoln on vocals)
Wond'ring aloud (Ian & Tinkara & Aldo)
Cheap Day Return (Ian & Tinkara & Giacomo & Aldo)
Mother Goose (Ian & Tinkara & Giacomo & Aldo)
Dun Ringhill (Ian & Silvia & Giacomo)
Griminelli's Lament (Ian & Andrea Griminelli)
Bouree (Ian & Andrea Griminelli)
My God (Ian & Beggar's Farm)
Aqualung (Ian & Beggar's Farm)
Locomotive breath (Ian & Beggar's Farm & all Guests)

(With Many Thanks to Michael Veith)


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