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The Jethro Tull 40th Anniversary U.K.Tour.
Ian Anderson - Martin Barre - John O'Hara - David Goodier & Doane Perry
Special Guests - Heather Findlay & Brian Josh of Mostly Autumn

Evergreen - (Heather & Brian)
Yellow Time - (Heather & Brian with Ian,David & Doane)
Caught in A Fold - (Heather & Brian with Ian,Martin,John,David & Doane)
Hero's Never Die - (Heather & Brian)

My Sunday Feeling.
Living In The Past.
So Much Trouble.
Serenade To A Cuckoo.
A Song For Jeffrey.
A New Day Yesterday/Kelpie.
-------- Interval --------
For A Thousand Mothers.
We Used To Know/ With You There To Help Me.
Dharma For One.
Heavy Horses.
Farm On The Freeway.
Thick As A Brick.
Locomotive Breath (*)

(*)With Heather & Brian (Heather sang Verse 2)


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