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09. 08. 09
THE WESTMID SHOWGROUND (Memories of Woodstock Festival)

Jethro tull have pulled out of Memories of Woodstock at Shrewsbury on 9 August.
The word from the Tull camp is that the promoter has failed to come up with promised payments,
despite many extensions of payment dates by Tull and even an offer to reduce the artist fee this week,
It seems that very poor ticket sales are largely to blame.

Brian Davies (promoter) has said that he will reimburse buyers back if they so wish.His phone number is on his New Dawn Events website.

Tull’s spokesman has said that the band are very angry at Brian Davies for stringing this along for so long.
They are sorry for all those fans who were expecting a whole weekend of great bands, most of whom have now pulled out for the same reasons.”


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