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Jethro Tull, Melbourne, May 7, 2005


The set-list for Melbourne, May 7, 2005 was: Living In The Past (from Living in the Past, 1972)
Nothing Is Easy (from Stand Up, 1969)
Boris Dancing (from Ian Anderson The Secret Life of Birds, 2000)
Jack In The Green (from Songs from the Wood, 1976)
Thick As A Brick (from Thick As A Brick, 1972)
In The Grip of Stronger Stuff (from Ian Anderson's Divinities, 1995)
Mother Goose (from Aqualung, 1971)
Bouree (from Stand Up, 1969)
Up To Me (from Aqualung, 1971)
Murphy's Paw (from Martin Barre's Stage Left, 2003)
Songs From The Wood (from Songs from the Wood, 1976)
Too Old To Rock 'n' Roll To Young To Die (from Too Old To Rock 'n' Roll, 1977)
Heavy Horses (from Heavy Horses, 1978)
Pavane (from The Christmas Album, 2003)
Hymn 43 (from Aqualung, 1971)
Farm on the Freeway (from Crest of a Knave, 1987)
Budapest (from Crest of a Knave, 1987)
Aqualung (from Aqualung, 1971)
Locomotive Breathe (from Aqualung, 1971)


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