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Back For The Rest Of The November 2005 USA Tour, The 'Support' Artist is Violinist Lucia Micarelli,
But Instead of a traditional support slot She appears on stage With Tull
accompanying Them on Some Numbers & Tull accompanying her on Others

*Jethro Tull accompanied By Lucia Micarelli.      ++Lucia Micarelli Accompanied By Jethro Tull

Life Is A Long Song
Skating Away On The Thin Ice Of a New Day
Jack In The Green
Beggar's Farm
Up To Me
Griminelli's Lament *
Aurora ++ *
Wond'ring Aloud *
The Godfather Theme ++
Cheap Day Return *
Mother Goose *
Bouree *
------ Interval ------
Nocturne / Bohemian Rhapsody ++
Kashmir ++
She Is Like The Swallow ++
Nothing Is Easy
Cross Eyed Mary
In The Grip Of Stronger Stuff
Hymn 43
My God
Budapest *
Wind Up
Locomotive Breath *
Protect & Survive shortened Instrumental Finale *


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